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Welcome to EleTrek new site!

Mar. 21, 201812:03:00

Welcome to EleTrek updated international website!

To cater to the rapid developments of mobile devices (smart phones and laptops), we created a brand new site which is compatible with all devices with different sized displays.

To highlight, there is one more language, Spanish adopted when the deisgn job in process: http://es.eletrekusb.com, It is hoped that we could attract more attentions from Spanish speaking countries,also we could get the chance to serve the customers there!

Welcome to EleTrek new site!

Welcome to EleTrek new site!

Since the establishment in 2010, EleTrek has been recognized as a professional producer of popular Consumer Electronics products and fashionable Mobile Phone Accessories in the Far East, such as all kinds of Bluetooth Speakers, customized USB Pen drives, charging items like Power Banks and something new like TWS Earbuds ... Here are the links of each:


TWS Earbuds  http://www.eletrek.cc/TWS-Earbuds/

Bluetooth Speakers  http://www.eletrek.cc/bluetooth-speakers/

USB Pen drives  http://www.eletrek.cc/usb-flash-drives/

Other Gadgets  http://www.eletrek.cc/other-gadgets/



Altavoces Bluetooth  http://es.eletrekusb.com/bluetooth-speakers/

Memorias Flash De USB  http://es.eletrekusb.com/usb-flash-drives/

Product De Carga  http://es.eletrekusb.com/charging/

Otros Aparato  http://es.eletrekusb.com/other-gadgets/ 

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