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Welcome to EleTrek Technology, a fully privately owned corporation founded in south China in 2010.  At the very beginning, EleTrek was recognized as a professional producer of computer peripheral products and fashionable mobile phone accessories in the Far East, such as computer storage products (mainly USB Flash Drives), mobile phone protective cases (mainly for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S).

From 2016 we engaged in R & D, production and distribution OF digital audio products, including wireless speakers, earphones, True Wireless earbuds as well as neckband headsets. To strive from the fierce competition the company management decided to focus on unique designs and private toolings (based on patents), and gradually abandoned the public models from the next year.

The continuous changing markets witnessed the success of this big switch in the past years. Till today, we have successfully released more than 40 private tooling models and many of them were proved to be good runners among the sub-category of different local markets.  Meanwhile, we got to know the importance of keeping core partnerships in big single markets, so some contracts are signed based on exclusivity basis to ensure the core partners' benifits can be protected. 

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The company is located in Shenzhen, one of the top cities of China. Our main business is B2B (Business to business), providing OEM/ODM services based on above mentioned products lines. The co-founders of the company had gathered abundant experience in consumer electronics industrial design/mechanical design/engineering and production, supply chain management as well as international trading industry since 2004.

Since the company's founding, we have been having a big dream that to serve 1‰ of the people and companies in the world.  Well during the past 11 years, we have covered a long way towards realizing the dream.  There are tens of thousands of people from over 80 countries enjoy our state-of-the-heart products and superb services though our valued clients, who are:

- Importer of Consumer Electronics

- Wholesaler of Mobile Phone Accessories

- Import Brokers

- Advertising / Marketing Agencies

Our valued customers are excellent. We not only have business done, but also enjoy the funs of working together, knowing the local

customs and practices from different countries/regions. We cherish the partnerships with them!

The consumer electronics and mobile phone accessories industries keep evolving, we are always passionate, keeping the pace with the industries developments and bringing customers new fashionable products.

- Our Vision: To be one of the key producers of consumer electronics and digital accessories in the Far-East.

- Our Mission: To focus on the changing markets, help different sized businesses with our professionalism and patience.

- Our Values: Integrity, Dedication as well as Teamwork.

- Our Business Philosophy: Customers come first. Honesty brings long term business.

In the following days, we are committed to deliver more and more wonderful products and thoughtful services to global customers.