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Welcome to EleTrek Technology, a private enterprise established as earlier as in 2010.  The company is located in Shenzhen, the top city of South China. At this stage, we research, produce Earphones and Speakers, offering OEM/ODM services to global customers, in the term of B2B (Business to business).


In the past 11 years, the company keeps pace with the fast changing tendency and launches products continuously catering to the  consumers' needs.  At the very beginning, EleTrek was recognized as a professional producer of PC peripheral products and mobile phone accessories, such as computer storage products (mainly USB Flash Drives), Mobile Phone protective Cases (mainly for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S).

From 2016 the company turned to R & D, production and distribution of digital audio products, including Wireless Speakers, Earphones, Neckband Headsets and then True Wireless earbuds in 2018 . To strive from the fierce competition, the company management decided to focus more attention on unique designs and private toolings. The continuous changing markets witnessed the success of this switch in the past years. 

In addition to the good sense of long term partnership and service, the reliable quality, durability and differentiation of products are also the core factors, by which we can survive from the fierce competitions.  Taking good use of our 10000 ㎡ production base, professional R&D Team, comprehensive advanced facilities as well as strict quality control systems, we have served (directly or indirectly) many international or national famous brands.

The consumer electronics and mobile phone accessory industries keep evolving, we are always passionately, keeping the pace with the times and bringing customers fashionable products.

- Our Vision: To be a key producer of audio products in south of china.

- Our Mission: To focus on the changing markets, develop and bring customers profitable reliable products.

- Our Values: Integrity, Dedication as well as Teamwork.

- Our Business Philosophy: Customers come first, Long-Term Partnership.

In the new year 2022, the world is undergoing unprecedented changes owing to the Coronavirus, and the consumer electronics industry is facing much pressures caused by the raw materials and labor costs up.  However, we never forget why we started, but will try all means to offer strong performance products at more competitive pricing (but at same quality level). 

We will always adhere to the tenet of "Customer comes first, serve attentively". It is believed that when we assist the customers maximizing their profits, the company would achieve greater developments. 

We wish to work closely with more customers, please drop us an Email at sales@eletrek.cc, or start a conversation by whatsApp/weChat:


Thank you for your kind attention, we look forward to working with you!