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Making an item completely customized is not as easy as printing a logo on the product.  

However, EleTrek is very experienced in supplying 100% customized gadgets.  Relying on 10+ year's rich experience,
we are very confident to create an unbelievable but very lovely gadget for you, no matter it is a dog shaped Bluetooth
Speaker, house shaped USB Flash Drive or Bear Shaped Power Bank.

We have a talented and creative design team, we are able to design the rubber flash drive case according to your needs. 

Once receiving your idea or graphics, our professional design team will produce the best prototype in a short period.

It is very simple for us to turn your ideas into a highly customized product! 

Well, these are our general procedures:

Step 1. Concept

Just tell us your graphics or concepts even some reference pictures, telling us what you want.

We will give you a solution within 2 working days.

Step 2. Design

Our talented designers will provide 3D artworks very soon against your drafts or concepts.

Step 3. 2D & 3D Simulation

We do simulating jobs between the practicalities, ensuring the customized item is practical to the full extent.

Step 4. Sampling

We provide samples for customer's confirmation and approval.

Step 5. Approval

Once the customers approve the sample, the production will be started. If the customer wants to have some changes,

we can revise the artworks and arrange another sample for a final approval.

Step 6. Mass production

The mass production starts against the sample approval.

To help the customers creating a customized rubberized gadget is our great pleasure.

What you need is just sharing with us what you have in mind, or provide u s a draft or an image.

Send us your design and share with us your ideas now?

Come on, drop an mail to hello@eletrekusb.com,  we will bring you a big surprise!