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Dear valued customer:

Thank you very much for choosing EleTrek as your partner.  

We always put your satisfaction as a priority in doing business. Keeping this in mind, for warranty policy, 
we established following guidelines to protect you and your customers. 


We usually provide 12 months warranty (since the shipment day) for the product lines. In case you found 
item produced by our company faulty, please feel freeto contact the sales manager accordingly.  

Here are the guidelines on solving the RMA issues:


1) Goods Manufactured by EleTrek

    Please make sure that the RMA goods were purchased from EleTrek instead of other factories. 

2) Return the Faulty Units 

    Generally speaking, customers are requested to ship back the faulty units.

3) Testing and Analysis

    Our staff in After Sales Dept. check and test the defective units. EleTrek does not responsible for the 

    faulty caused by improper operations or intentional purposes.

4) Shipping Method for Returning Goods 

     Customers are expected to return the defectives unit only by POST to avoid customs clearance problem

     and high delivery costs.  For regular customers, we bear the postages.


5) Package Requirements 

    When you plan to return defective products to EleTrek, it is required that the products (accessories usually 

    not included)  are properly packaged, so as to avoid 2nd damages to the product during the transportation.


6) Freight and Delivery Costs 

    For the faulty units caused by EleTrek unqualified materials or incorrect production procedures (subject to 

    the After Sales Dept. testing report), we pay postages back and forth.  For EleTrek regular customers, the

    postage is deducted from the PI issued for upcoming new order.

    If the defectiveness caused by customer's or end user's mis-operations, the 2-way freight costs are at the 

    buyer's expenses. 

7) Faulty units beyond Warranty Period

    In case the faulty units exceed the warranty period, we can have the returned units repaired free of charge 

    or with extra costs (if key components needed for repairing jobs, but anyway it depends). And the customers 

    bear the 2 way freight costs.

8) Payment Refunds 

    Usually EleTrek does not provide payment refunds guarantee for the custom products with branding.  

    However, for the defectiveness caused by EleTrek unqualified materials or incorrect production procedures  

    (subject to the After Sales Dept. testing report), a payment refund for the goods (freight costs on PI not 

    included) can be requested (by our sales manager) as a compensation to customer.    

    For regular customers, based on mutual trust from two Parties, in order to save the postage of returning 

    products, we can provide some quantity brand new items to them, and usually there is an agreement reached 

    by email before doing that. 

In a word, we are confident with our product quality. Meanwhile we provide the above reasonable warranty policies 

to eliminate customers' concerns.